Eastside Road Diet Wish List


Enjoying the new Colorado Blvd buffered bike lane

2013 was a good year for bicycling in Northeast LA with plenty of new bike lanes implemented in the neighborhood and surrounding area. Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock Boulevard, York Boulevard, Mission Road, Monterey Road, and Griffin Avenue are some prominent streets that received bike lanes within the past year.

However, despite the vast increase in the number of bike lanes, the existing bicycle infrastructure network remains fragmented and a great deal of streets are still stressful for bicycling. This is because many of the area’s new bike lanes were “low-hanging fruit,” facilities that could be squeezed in on streets without removing any lanes available for motor vehicles. Some bike lanes, like the ones on Colorado Boulevard, were implemented through the reducing the number of lanes available for motor vehicles but only because traffic impact analysis showed they would not significantly impact the peak-hour travel times of motorists.

All the low-hanging fruit may be gone but there are still some streets that seem as though they could go on road diets and receive bike lanes without having huge impacts on peak-hour travel times. They may not be “low-hanging fruit,” but the following is a wish list of what appear to be “realistic” road diet candidates in and around Northeast LA (further analysis would be required to determine their feasibility). Not all would necessarily close gaps in the area’s bicycle network, though all would be appreciated and make bicycling more pleasant on streets that are currently quite stressful while bicycling. So, here it is, my “Realistic Eastside Road Diet” wish list:

  • Main Street (from Alpine St to Hancock St) – 1.7 miles
  • Eastern Avenue (from Huntington Dr to Valley Blvd) – 1.4 miles
  • Alhambra Avenue (from Lowell Ave to Valley Blvd) 1.3 miles
  • Verdugo Road (from Plumas St to Eagle Rock Blvd) – 1.1 miles
  • Avenue 26 (from Pasadena Ave to San Fernando Rd) – 0.9 miles
  • Daly Street (from Pasadena Ave to Main St) – 0.7 miles
  • Pasadena Avenue (from Ave 26 to Broadway) – 0.6 miles
  • San Fernando Road (from Pasadena Ave to N. Figueroa St) – 0.5 miles

Agree with this list? Are there any streets in the area you think could be added to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

PS. Efforts are still underway to bring bike lanes to North Figueroa Street. Feel free to join the conversation in the “NELA Figueroa For All/ Ride Figueroa Campaign for Friendliness” facebook group, hear the latest on the Fig4All blog, or follow the @Fig4All twitter account and the #fig4all hashtag.

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3 Responses to Eastside Road Diet Wish List

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  2. Joe Linton says:

    How about Figueroa between York and Colorado?

    • There are two reasons I didn’t include that portion of North Fig.

      1) There are plans for a road diet on that segment, as noted by the bicyclela.org map

      2) I’m including it in the fig4all campaign, which will be a political battle. The ones listed here seem like they can be done without lengthy public hearing sessions due to low traffic volumes/ no impact on travel times.

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