Biking in Northeast LA ca. 1906

Rounding out Eagle Rock’s Centennial Year,  here begins a series of posts about modes of transportation, 100 years ago in Northeast Los Angeles. For the full list of Centennial themed posts, see the above “Centennial” tab.

A trip through Eagle Rock as recounted by Mrs. May M. Blumer…

The women of the valley were having a social and educational club meeting at her mother’s home and Mabel was going out to help serve luncheon and enticed me to go along and help.

There were no street cars here then, but she had a bicycle parked back of a drug store on Pasadena Avenue now Figueroa, so we took the street car from my aunt’s place in Los Angeles to that point. Then in our full and long skirted white dresses with many lace petticoats and high white shoes, white lisle stockings and good sized leghorn hats, we set out– I on the handle bars.

All went well for the civilized part of the ride along Pasadena [Figueroa] Avenue, but when we cut down on the dirt road there were many rocks and rills and the hillside seemed very steep as we went over the handlebars many times with bike and all rolling into ditches on the way. But it was dry dirt, and we carefully brushed ourselves off and went on arriving not too late…

(Source: Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society)

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