Narrow Streets Los Angeles comes to Eagle Rock

Narrow Streets Los Angeles is a great blog by David Yoon which recently published a couple great makeovers of some of our local streets.

Click to see Colorado Boulevard made over by Narrow Streets. The makeover of the intersection of Eagle Rock Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard is even more compelling…. Diptych prints are available from the website.

For readers that don’t like following links, here’s a tasty excerpt:

What strikes me about the “before” picture is the amount of effort + regulation such large intersections require — just look at all those dotted turn guides painted on the asphalt! Makes sense, though: the bigger the intersection, the less drivers are able to clue in on their surroundings, and the more guidance they’ll need. It’s all so formal + rigid, isn’t it? A smaller Eagle Rock Blvd. would be far more spontaenous. Infill it with shops + commerce — there’s plenty of room — and you’d have even more diversions to explore.

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