What exactly might a bumpout look like….?

Illustration by Andy Wilcox

Just for fun, we asked Andy Wilcox to illustrate what Colorado Boulevard might look like, without a third lane for traffic. These quick illustrations show a section of Colorado just West of Renaissance Arts Academy. A third traffic lane is replaced by bumpouts and a bike lane. A swale in the median collects rainwater. This is the same configuration shown in the plan view in the previous post, Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock as a Green Street.

In the foreground of the following picture, one can see bumpouts (replacing the third traffic lane at certain intersections) provide extra sidewalk space. Cafes might put out more tables and chairs.

Andy also added some great details: a highlighted bike lane, as well as embedded LEDs, to help delineate bike space from car space. I am especially enamored of the planting in the median which combines my two favorite trees: California Sycamore and Western Redbud. These are both species that not only tolerate drought, but also seasonal flooding: exactly what you would need in a swale.

Illustration by Andy Wilcox

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4 Responses to What exactly might a bumpout look like….?

  1. topt says:

    I have often thought that the islands should be extended across certain intersections to prevent left turns and u-turns- some of the colorado bl intersections are notoriously dangerous- for instance colorado and la roda- with a signalized intersection both one block east and west, motorists can easily get where they want to go safely and should not be allowed to turn left or cross there – probably vincent ave, glen iris and maybe dahlia drive as well.

  2. We need to go door to door presenting Mr. Wilcox’s illustrations so people can get an idea of what wonders Colorado Boulevard can be. It would be pretty amazing to some of these visions actually happen. Thank you for sharing and thank you to Mr. Wilcox!

  3. Jane Tsong says:

    @walkeaglerock: maybe a poster series in local business windows– showing different visions of the street, transformed…

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