Re-imagining Colorado Boulevard

What if the citizens of Eagle Rock really took over the streets? What if we really painted the town?

I have been thinking about a comment Joan MacNeil made on this forum a while ago. She suggested having the bike lane inside the parking lane which would make cycling much safer.

All that is really necessary to make Joan’s suggestion a reality is to re-stripe the street.

While I wouldn’t think that such a project would cost all that much, these are times of strained budgets for all government entities, as well as for the rest of us.

So here’s a suggestion: we do it ourselves.

The costs: a couple of miles of masking tape and lots of paint. Various local groups could sponsor small sections of the project and the painting could be done by volunteers.

Instead of boring chevrons or something equally, dare I say it, pedestrian the Eagle Rock bike lanes could be works of art.

If we who love this little slice of LA are serious about making Eagle Rock more of a destination than a thoroughfare, this might be just the project. Think of it: a citizen propelled project that would mark, literally, the Rock as something unique in Los Angeles.

I do not minimize the difficulties of such an undertaking. This is a something that might appeal to Christo like the umbrellas in the Pass or draping the Reichstag, but socially useful. As a project, it would generate a great deal of publicity for Eagle Rock, we might be setting the tone for future projects throughout the City.

Themes of the painting could be oriented to the businesses which they would front. For instance, slices of pizza in front of Casa Bianca, tools in front of Tritch Hardware, or cars in front of Rantz.

It would be great to arm Eagle Rockers with gallons of paint with which they would transform their streets, taking them back from the speeding Glendale to Pasadena commuters.

This would achieve the goal of making Colorado Boulevard safer in two ways. Decreasing the number of lanes would make the street look less like speedway than a commercially viable avenue.

And there would be something to look at. There would be a reason to stop your car, get out and look around. That should be an advantage for local merchants.

In any case, this is just off the top of my head and maybe unrealistic, but at this time the City does not have the money. It may be that re-imagining Colorado Boulevard means re-imagining how public works are accomplished in this new “era of limits.”

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2 Responses to Re-imagining Colorado Boulevard

  1. Jane Tsong says:

    Great ideas, Mike. For reference, here are some interesting links:

    The City Repair movement was started by Mark Lakeman in Oregon:

    LA Ecovillage has done city repair projects locally:

    Covering the trend of DIY bike lanes:

    Covering the Fletcher Ave DIY bike lanes and how they were painted:

  2. I want Colorado to have two lanes and I want that transformation now. Extend the sidewalk, paint the road, cycletrack, bike lane, more greenery, median park/path, all of the above!

    Lately I have been contemplating (in response to a stubborn person on Eagle Rock Talk who insists 3 lanes is what the majority want and what is best for Eagle Rock) that we should survey residents, particularly those adjacent to Colorado and see if they want two or three lanes. I honestly don’t know what most would favor or what the survey would yield but it’s a thought…

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