Post-WWII style

the perfect car-replacement???

Though there is no lack of bikes in my house (my partner works for a bike store), we’ve never managed to get a practical around-town bike that I would feel safe locking up at the grocery store parking lot. Similarly, Mike has been talking to Rob about whether it is possible to convert his slim road bike into something usable for errands around town.

I had a little fun on the web this morning when I followed some links to these european bikes sold through Flying Pigeon LA on Figueroa Street.

I love the post-WWII style of these cargo bikes! I imagine riding 9 miles to work with all my folders, files, and tools in the bucket. The postwar look would fit in perfectly at the botanical garden. Or I could load up with kids and five shopping bags worth of groceries… while wearing a skirt.

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  1. Regarding your friend’s road bike being converted into a more utilitarian bike, I would suggest leaving the racing frame alone and finding a sturdy, steel, mountain bike frame from the 1980’s (non-department store quality). Take that MTB, install slick tires, fenders, a big rear rack, and any number of front racks (CETMA, Velo Orange, Portland Design Works, boxcycles, Torker front rack, Stecco front rack, or big Wald basket) and you’ve got a serious cargo hauling bike.

    You’ll also need some strong bags and baskets to hold your stuff on the rear rack. I’d recommend a front fork stabilizer (Velo Orange sells them for $10). We carry them at the Flying Pigeon shop (I have a box of 30 of them). I’d also recommend a good double armed kickstand from Hebie, Velo Orange, or Torker. This kickstand combined with the front fork stabilizer makes for a supremely easy-to-load and ride cargo bike conversion.

    If you want to jump onto any number of cargo bikes (and trikes), stop by our shop and take a Nihola, a Christiania, a Gazelle Cabby, a Yuba Mundo, a Torker Cargo T for a ride.

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