Bipediality in the Press

Three great articles on streetscape issues appear in Eagle Rock Patch. Here are some excerpts and links to the articles….

The Colorado Boulevard portion of the Bike Plan is scheduled to be tentatively implemented in 2015, says Turner [of the Department of City Planning], adding that “as with everything else, implementation depends on funding, staff resources, and community involvement.”

Well, we certainly won’t be lacking in the “community involvement” arena. Read more by Robert Garrova in The Future of Colorado Boulevard.

We need to start thinking of our streets as among our most important public spaces. The Eagle Rock Recreation Center and Eagle Rock High School campus are both approximately 20 acres in size. Guess which other publically owned spaces in Eagle Rock are approximately 20 acres? Answer: The stretch of Colorado Boulevard between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Figueroa Street and Eagle Rock Boulevard between Colorado and York Boulevard.

Read more on Eagle Rock streets as public spaces in 8 Ways to Create Better Streets by Mark Vallianatos

“I am open and would love to entertain a discussion about how we can not only reduce the number of lanes but also put in a bike lane,” Huizar said in his interview with Eagle Rock Patch. “I know there are some local organizations that are part of this discussion—I want to hear from them and see what their ideas are.” 

Robert Garrova’s coverage of Colorado Boulevard begins with Caring for Colorado and includes many ideas for Colorado. Don’t miss the comments section afterward… These are all ideas this blog will be quantifying– with pictures and diagrams, just like in our last post.

“We’re updating our streets to reflect the way people live now. And we’re designing a city for people, not a city for vehicles.”

For dessert, this article from Esquire dramatizes the approach of Janette Sadik Khan, Transportation Commissioner of NYC and Occidental College graduate.

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One Response to Bipediality in the Press

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Jane,
    Great quotes in the article – it’s always wonderful to see more parents showing such great support for creating walkable and bikable communities. Nice blog too!
    Jessica Meaney
    California Policy Manager
    Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

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